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July 5th, 2012, 21:46
This is a fantastic development! I have long decried the fact that our digital purchases were given special treatment taking away consumer rights. I see no reason that game/software publishers should get special rights that no other industry in the world enjoys that allow them to take away their customers' resale rights.

Most people that seem to have an issue with this ruling don't cite the ruling as a problem, but what publishers will do to try to get around it. Reminds me of back in the US when they a few years back passed banking regulations to keep greedy bankers in check and the banks scrambled beforehand to rip off as many people as they could and people (mindbogglingly) blamed the legislation for the bankers actions as if the bankers had no control over what they did. Whats with people blaming the law when the asshole is the corporations and banks that try to screw people?

Perhaps if they've gone this far with the law, they will interpret it properly and in a consumer friendly way to count subscription services as game purchases and the like. I sincerely doubt every company is going to go free to play to get around this and any company that does so I have no issues boycotting their products. Traditional non-subscription games will always be made.

Another argument I keep hearing is that iof we are allowed to trade/sell our used digital games, publishers will end sales and deep discounts because people will buy them and resell once the price goes back up. Well… what? Just like how there are never sales and deep discounts of physical goods where people have been buying low and selling high for hundreds of years? I really don't think people think through these positions they are taking.
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