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July 6th, 2012, 04:29
My Stalker saves somehow got corrupted and since I can't progress to the next main quest area I lost 10 hours worth of gameplay.

Currently thinking about what to play next. Since that I don't have much hunger for post-apoc after the Stalker disappointment my Fallout 3 & New Vegas playthroughs will be postponed. Codex's review persuaded me to try Risen 2 only once it hits the bargain bin.

Looking at the release list it seems that the only thing I'm willing to invest time in is games with light RPG features rather than a full blown RPG. I won't touch Skyrim until the GOTY edition is available and with DA:O and Witcher 2 still fresh in my memory I think the only major RPGs I'm missing are the Mass Effects (not in the mood for apparently disappointing trilogies) and the recent Divinities although I'm not sure if I can pick one the new ones without ever having played DivDiv and Beyond Divinity.

Going back to lighter cross-genre options from what I've read the ones that bill are Alpha Protocol, Deus Ex HR, Bioshock 2 (?) or even the praised Batmans. Is there another I should be aware of?
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