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July 6th, 2012, 11:15
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
The fun in D2 for me was beating Hell difficulty mode. I had to spend a load of time farming champions and bosses to get the rare runes and great uniques to make Hell doable, and even so, some champion mobs would spawn with double immunities that would be almost impossible (I still remember, it was the double combo of lightning and physical resists that made my Flashdancer run like a little girl ) My build should have included fire skills, but I got around it. It was a challenge and fun. And I never bought any items online.

But, by the end of the slog with one character to Hell, I was done with D2. The challenge once beat was no longer worth the slog again.
I think that pretty much mirrors my experience of D3 so far, aside from not having to work around a build decision. I'm not using the AHs at all. Occasionally I hit a boss I can't get past so have to firstly try different builds, equipment setups, then if that fails I try crafting some stuff to improve, and if that fails its grinding for a bit to find better items/more cash for crafting.
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