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July 6th, 2012, 16:43
Played DD many times in years gone by. The slight void in gameplay towards the end game is well known and documented but nothing to cry about.

It was the curiosity of compatibility that prompted me to install my original retail DD english (ver-1.0029a).

On completion was asked to install DirectX (ver-8.1) and o.k'd. Then a graphics test menu appeared (fading colours render test) i selected DX3d but not smoothness, the graphics test confirmed O.K at 69 fps, then saved config and ran the game.

This was on a quad-core rig with normal Gforrce GT450 Graphics 4gb mem. on win-7 (64bit) OS.

All of this took about 12 minutes, the games still runs smooth and sleek and graphically the best i have ever seen DD. I am not sure if GOG apply any tweaks to their DD version.

This probably will not help but might be useful with GOG install compat' comparisons.
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