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July 6th, 2012, 23:14
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Nonsense. I thought the gameplay in The Witcher 2 was the best I've seen in years. Clickfest? You're on some powerful drugs there.

And for the record, I thought it was pretty hard on normal. But I'm not uberl33t like you all.
You probably didn't notice that for each hit in a row Geralt makes he makes more and more damage until that damage become so insane he can kill most enemies in one click in other words clicking like crazy is a good solution in a lot of scenarios just like in TW1 ( except there you needed to time it ), and I didn't need any intelligence drugs to figure that out, perhaps however you'd need some I acctually did this for most combats on hard with great results… and I didn't even take any of the skills in the swords development path. I tried that a bit in another playthrough it made this approach even more effective and fast. Towards the final battles against humans ( granted I had the super overpowered weapon, but they were over in 10 speedy clicks in a row )

And for the record, I thought it was pretty hard on normal. But I'm not uberl33t like you all.
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Yeah, I played on Hard and found it downright frustrating at times. That was before the patch though, and I believe the difficulty was toned down in some areas in the EE version.
You must not have found the Quen exploit, in the EE this is supposed to be fixed though making it harder. I certainly hope EE will not be easier as I'm playing through the EE in dark mode now, hoping for a little tiny bit of a challange.

Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
Sorry, but i can't agree with a single point in your rant. After all the patches combat in TW2 is quite decent for an arpg in my opinion (even quen isn't an iddqd anymore, although simply rolling away from danger is still too easy), but TW1 is overall still a much better game for me. Maybe it's the lack of unique slavic charm and atmosphere, and silly "me too!" consolized interface, but i think TW2 has lost a lot of what made the first part so good.
No need to be sorry at all, we all fourtunatly have different taste and I can see why TW one is liked more by some, for example if you count it as one playthrough it actually felt a lot longer, and it had more fleshed out and varied locations and so on. However the amount of different paths in TW2 is just amazing it only truly shines after you played it through several times.

As for combat being quite decent for a modern ARPG I could agree to that too considering how it is in most modern ARPG's, but if compare it to the other parts it sucks in comparasion. Take towards the end you get to fight two different types of enemies in the final chapter, that are extremly easy to kill, even if you don't have anything close to the best gear, ( and a couple of boss battles some of which are optional ) and only one of them is a bit challanging. Again i've heard final part is fixed in EE so I'm hoping that is true, why spend a lot of time building up your character for nothing that is just such a waste. In the beginning of the game the combat is perhaps even a bit above average, but the longer the games goes on the worse it becomes. In a good game it should become better as you learn and develop your character not worse.
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