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July 7th, 2012, 11:26
I finally had the chance to sit down with two of my friends to play Trine, a coop-ready sidescrolling physics-based platform puzzlegame. We had a blast. Oldtimers may wish to compare the game to Lost Vikings where you need to use three heroes special abilities together to reach to the end of each level. I played the Rogue, who can jump high, shoot arrows and use a grappling hook. My friends played the mage who can summon boxes and bridges that can also be levitated around, and the knight who can smash and throw stuff while blocking fireballs with his shield.

This is possibly the most beautiful game ever made, which isn't something I say lightly. Every scene is artwork and the game alone makes up an argument that games can be art. Just look at the screenshots and see what I mean. The audio is equally great, the music reminds me a bit about Lord of the Rings and perfectly fits this enchanted tale. Sometimes I just wanted to stay for a moment and absorb the visuals. Definitely recommended for those who have 2 friends to play with, their PC connected to the TV and 3 joypads.
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