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July 8th, 2012, 14:19
The path is difficult to follow as it turns the player into an actor.

And a designer has few reins to direct the player in the actor job, other than tuning the gameplay down.

Two cinematographic scenes, well shot etc The between is left to the acting skill of the player.

The first scene conveys the proper emotions, mood etc It then takes the player to manage the between well enough to enter the second cinematic scene with the same emotional state as at the end of the first cinematic scene.

The player misses, reloads, misses, gets frustrated, grows angry, and finally disperse the deliver of the first scene in terms of emotion, mood.

So is ruined the second cinematrographic scene.

It does not rely on the directing or voice acting skills. They can be very good. But as this path leads to transform a player in an actor whose quality conditions the delivery, it grows hard to control the product. It adds unknowns.

The gameplay has to be tuned down to make sure the narrative rythm necessary to connect two cinematics is accessible to the average player.

A designer has little directing control over the player other than the gameplay.

So in the end, in order to try to deliver the story, the gameplay suffers.
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