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Default Does save bug still exist?

July 8th, 2012, 16:01
I bough this and it runs with no compatibility switch for me or special treatment under windows 7 64-bit.
I remember with Beyond Divinity there was some weird multicore save bug that screwed up all my saved games (I would lose items from my inventory) and hat happened late in the game so I stopped playing.
Should I enable the compatibility flag for XP+SP2 on the exe and will that stop this bug from happening (or does it not affect this earlier version of the game)?
Do you need to patch the game and if so how does one patch it since its not in the usual location? The version numbers hows as v1.0061A.
EDIT: ok Larian forums suggest the steam version has been patched to work with Win 7 and should work as is. forum post
Just don'r want the game to bug out on me like BD (which soured the whole experience)
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