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July 8th, 2012, 23:42
Having a lot of fun with this "thinking persons" game. Combat is pretty involved from the strategy side. Was reading up on bridge passives and thought I would share a great article that explains it:

It explains how you can use bridge passives to create synergy between any two weapons, even if they don't appear to have connections up front.

Bridge passive - Any passive ability from a non-equipped weapon that synergizes between one attribute from equipped weapon A and one attribute from equipped weapon B.
The example given is Blood and Pistols

The article explains it and provides a cool example, which I will quote below:

Next, lets assume you wanted Pistols as one of your weapons in part because you want your playstyle to revolve around crits, hindering (snares/roots), and weaken (debuffs). Blood is there primarily for heals, but you know that various healing abilities from Blood are likely to also induce Impairment effects, Affliction effects, and to improve the likelyhood of Penetrating hits. So you want to look for ways to synergize your Pistols when such things happen as a result of your chosen Blood abilities.

The green boxes in the chart show you exactly where to look for bridge passives that can create this type of synergy between Blood and Pistols. The weapons containing such bridge passives in this case are Shotgun, Elemental Magic, Hammers, and Chaos Magic.

So, since crits and hindering are two key elements of the playstyle you're going for (i.e., a "crit-hindering build"), the chart above tells you that the best places to look for bridge passives that will suit your build are in Elemental Magic and Hammers. Elemental shows a bridge between Affliction and both Crit and Hindering. Hammer shows a bridge between Impair and Crit.

So we go poking around in the ability wheel cells for Elemental Magic, and what do we find as a cheap, easy to acquire passive bridge in one of the inner "basic" rings for Elemental Magic? Why, this little gem:

Mind over Matter (passive)
Your critical hits cause the target to be Afflicted with a damage over time effect which deals 7 magical damage every second for 5 seconds.

Even better, this passive ability is the very first ability in the cell, so you can buy it for practically nothing. Just a minor blip in your AP that you're mostly spending on Pistol and Blood abilities at first. So for a simple, cheap investment in one single ability from Elemental Magic, you now have a bridge passive that will apply an Affliction DOT every time you make a critical hit from your Pistols. And there are sure to be some Blood Actives and passives that will do many nice things when used on an Afflicted target.
They also have an excellent crafting guide:

At the bottom of each article they link to other guides that are, for now, current. Lots of useful information.

Weapon Synergy and Build Guide:

The Secret World Build Mechanics and Philosophy Tips Guide

I am finding the building of abilities to be a puzzle itself. I normally dislike focusing to much on builds but there are so many cool layers to this that it can be fun to really create interesting builds. More importantly I am finding that my builds to NOT interfere with my role playing or the character I am building. I have always hated going with a "cookie-cutter" builds because it was "in" or because you had to be built a certain way to do a group. Heck its why I almost never group in games. But I am finding I have enough freedom to build, and dress, my character the way I like but also be very effective in combat if I take the time to build my "deck" correctly.

Often times I will be working on a quest or exploring and get my ass handed to me. To use to games that just let you run around playing whack-a-mole. If I spend a little time thinking about things and tweak my build I can often go back and win the battle. I am enjoying tweaking AOE style builds, single boss builds, and builds that revolve around certain styles (crits and hinder or impair and AoE or weaken and frenzy for example).

The quests just get better and better. Did some really cool ones last night, one had a "James bond" feel to it.

I doubt I would want to ever replay the game again if it was exactly the same, which is the only down side I can see, but at my rate it will hold me for awhile.

I wonder how you get around this? The more time developers spend on great content the harder it is to have multiple starting areas and origins … which means making alts is harder. Not to mention you can try out many builds on the same character. I guess we wait and see if they come up with anything clever.
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