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July 10th, 2012, 09:34
Originally Posted by qpqpqp View Post
i suspect that's dripping with sarcasm, jzeborg.

There is no sarcasm. Bioware answered to the demand of players who want to play an exceptional character.

That is one thing Bioware did not fail to deliver in ME2/3: the sense of exceptionalism.

And mechanics are sound.

Players should be cautious in the way they formulate their criticism, especially when a studio succeeds in delivering an offer that fit their demand.

You cant blame Bioware for making menial tasks menial and giving hence an opportunity to make your character even more exceptional by offering to solve menial tasks.

You should accept the consequences of your own demand, especially when this demand is met very successfully.

That is what Bioware did with that exceptionalism feeling.
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