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July 10th, 2012, 10:05
Huh no, they are not poor practices. They are necessary practices as explained in the earlier post.

A narrative relies on pace.

For two cinematic scenes to connect properly, the more control on the between, the better the possibility of proper connection.

If the first cinematic is designed to make you feel empathic and enters the second cinematic in an empathic mood, you have to make that between the two scenes, the mood is not changed.

If for any reason, the player enters the second scene frustrated, you lost the benefit of the first scene.

The gameplay has to be tuned down to manage. To trying to make sure that the benefit of the first cinematic is not lost on the player.

With fully voiced over, the gameplay is subordinated to the cinematics. You have to make sure the played sequence does not come in the way of the cinematics delivery.

And cinematics voices have to be recorded in the middle as it gives time to adjust the gameplay in a preserving way, working with the actual material.

Certain demands come with consequences. And players wishing for a story in a game push toward gameplay being subordinated to the story delivery.
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