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July 10th, 2012, 14:06
I remember one review on the infamous "Inca" game by … I think it was Sierra, back then.
The review stated that the voice actor (voice acting was still a rarity back then !) was totally out of his role … The reviewer wrote something like as if they had hired someone who could vaguely speak German in the middle of the U.S. , had given him ac script in which he should speak a really sad and grieving fther who mourns over the death of his son - without telling the "voice actor" so. The result was someone who was reading a mourning with the voice of someone who had just heard a joke or was in an otherwise humorous mood - totally unfitting the role he has to speak.

What people often forget is that voice acting was mainly done in the U.S. first - and for U.S. customers. Here in Germany even in tha midst of the 90s games were sometimes NOT translated. The famous Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis was done with English language vouice acting, too. And this is a rare, very rare sought-after collector's item now here in Germany, because it remained untranslated nd was never sold here in Germany anyway.

Same went for Monkey Island, I think I remember.

The impression was often that Europe was treated as second-class citizend in that respect. And you wonder about bad voice acting or bad translations ?
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