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July 10th, 2012, 18:46
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I also believe that at the time of the sellout to EA, BW had worked itself into a position where there was a real risk that the entire company could go under without a major infusion of funding. One major reason for the merger was probably to save BW.
In 2008 BioWare or the docs probably didn't have too much to say about the takeover by EA. BioWare was at the time already owned by a third party, Elevation Partners, a private equity fund (which held BioWare via VG Holding). The docs were not leading participants/key decision makers in the fund, afaik. So BioWare's owners decided to feed them to the EA monster (though doubtless the docs were among those employees of VG Holding receiving $155m in stock options, not to mention capital gains that Elevation made having sold VG for almost $1bn.

In private emails with a BW employee, it appears that RPG costs were escalating eg with VA and improved graphics, while core fan numbers were stable and prices were stable. And the trend was ever more graphics/VA work, while more core gamers exiting the market (dying of old age/becoming too senile to remember how you install a game). That's the predicament BioWare needed to get out of.
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