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July 10th, 2012, 22:01
Originally Posted by Merlock View Post
Well there was one video that I watched where the guy came across a windshield and mentioned that you can repair vehicles. This makes me think there's more depth to this game than just "sneak, shoot, loot". I don't really see much depth in terms of roleplay either, unless you just really, really like post-apoc zombie games. The controls look really bad as well, but it's still in alpha so maybe they'll fix that. I tried to find some more info on their website, but it's down right now. I think I've decided to pass on this one. I'll keep an eye on its development though.
The videos that I watched made it seem more like a survival simulation game with multiplayer RP.

If you get hit, you start bleeding and you may need morphine, antibiotics to fight infection, or to find someone willing to give you a blood transfusion. You can die of starvation or thirst, and I think they are adding some features for hypothermia.

It's about roleplaying with the other people you encounter - you are playing this character in a post apocalyptic scenario and you urgently need food, ammunition, medicine, etc. When you encounter someone else, you can choose to help them, talk with them, cooperate, steal from them, etc. I read somewhere some group had even taken someone else hostage and made him act as a sort of bait.

In some ways, your RP can go deeper than with a cinematic story game like Mass Effect. Instead of being forced to choose between the paragon pushover or renegade smartass dialogue option, you have an infinite number of dialogue options, and thousands of characters in the world.
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