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July 10th, 2012, 23:24
Yes, human motivations can be vastly complex, but I think the Bioware docs have witness - as have most Bioware employees - the demise of Troika, Iron Lore, Interplay/Black Isle, Westwood, Origin. And at some point said to themselves - 'never again, never shall Bioware go the way of these companies.'

It is also true that Bioware in 2007 was owned by a private firm, Elevation Partners, started and funded by John Riccitiello, the former CEO of EA. He quit EA to form this company in 205, I think, and bought both Pandemic and Bioware when he was with Elevation Partners. Then EA bought Elevation Partners in 2007-2008, after John Riccitiello returned to EA as CEO. Something smells fishy here, if you ask me….
But in the US and Canada this is probably legal….

The devs. in the DA2 forums, especially Lead Writer David Gaider, and Stanly Woo of QA-fame, are very candid and honest about what Bioware are now all about. They ask fans the questions 'where are troika now? black isle? Origin?' All gone, because they didn't tend to the business side of things….

However, I think Bioware got a sort of wake up call with DA2 and the criticism of it, I also think they got another wake-up call with the criticism of ME3, especially about the endings. And I clearly remember a Bioware forumite telling a tale of how a friend of his asked him (the Bioware forumite) if he had done something wrong when it came to the endings. And as the Bioware forumite said, 'my friend is the type who only plays gears of war and those types of games'. And if Bioware loses these gamers as well, then….

The point is this:
Success can also be had for too little money….meaning that people witll buy games - and things - if they feel they are high quality….it doesn't matter if they're quality in itself, it matters what people feel about the product being sold….

Apple under Steve Jobs knew this better than anyone…
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