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July 11th, 2012, 09:00
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No. No they don't. If that's the goal then they suck at game design. Might as well make the player wait in front of a blank screen as their characters sleeps in real time. It's cheaper to program and accomplishes the same goal.

My boring life provides all the contrast needed for the exceptional stuff to stand out. . I don't need to play virtual wack-a-mole with a single hole and a mole that moves at a snails pace. That drags down the good parts with it.

On a completely different note, you wouldn't happen to know a Dr. Forrester would you? Does the phrase "Deep Hurting" ring any bells?
The game mechanics behind menial tasks have to be boring, providing contrast for the exceptional tasks to be performed in the game.
The contrast has to come from within the game to turn Shepard into the exceptional character among exceptional characters.
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