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July 11th, 2012, 12:49
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I found it disappointing, but I never had the chance to play co-op, and my expectations for single-player were much too high. I quit halfway through the single-player campaign because I could no longer stand the repetitive fetch-quests that make up the majority of the game. I also hated how zombies and items respawned in the exact same locations within minutes.. which made it obvious that the game was geared towards multi-player. I did think the setting was really good, but the single-player experience was ruined by by the mediocre gameplay for me.
I am currently playing the game in coop with 3 friends and 4 different characters and that definitely brings out more of the game. The four characters are very distinctive in their specializations and roles but only after the first 20 levels or so.

Indeed, the game is very diablo-like in it's respawn system, but beyond the first levels you rarely return to the same area twice. When I say blizzard-style tweaking the games weakest point is it's first levels where you are cycling through weapons faster than underwear, carry a ton of weak and semibroke weapons and do revisit weapon spawning point just to get a level-upgraded edition of whatever weapon you use. Skills in the first 3 teirs do not really feel they do anything and you die all the time. With some tweaking this stage could have been made less brutal and frustrating.

Once you reached about tier 4 the game begins to feel more fluid and your character more responsive. You then have access to your first colored weapons that lasts long enough for you to like them, upgrade them and mod them. Thats when the game begins to feel fun in my opinion. Chances are great that you screwed up your skillpoints though and without respec or a save editor you may have crippled your character for the rest of the game early on.
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