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July 11th, 2012, 18:12
Our kickstarter earned $36,967 after asking for $20,000 so that was incredible.[…]

Now, right off the top you had $10,000 for prize fulfillment.[…]

Leaving us with around $6000, which is income, so that was taxed (piece of advice to other kickstarters - spend that money before the end of the year).[…]

So were right around $4000 remaining and even that cursory math isn't working as there are other things that weren't big tickets but sapped the coffers. There's odds and ends etc, so that goes rather quickly as you can imagine.[..]

So that gets us to the present. We have still taken a lot of debt on ourselves (over $50k), and hopefully this can help give insight to other kickstarters and would-be-developers on what to expect.
We have still taken a lot of debt on ourselves (over $50k),
Welp, now I know where the $100,000 asking figure came from. They are making a Kickstarter, to cover debts, and help pay for development the first Kickstarter was supposed to do. Yeah, if you couldn't get it right the first time, I'm not sure if I should help you out this time. Call me cynical.

I like kickstarter, really I do. But this is either scammy, or irresponsible. I feel for these developers, they got themselves into a hole. And they are honest about it, I appreciate that. But a second kickstarter, -supposedly for a PC Port, which in reality looks like just to get funding to finish the game- doesn't feel right to me.
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