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July 12th, 2012, 11:52
The new sale appears to be about races & classes. http://www.ddo.com/us/ddostoreracesclasses

No free item of the week now ? At least I couldn't see ny.

To add upon the confusion on the guild ship amenities :

After further investigation, it appears that my earlier message was incorrect in regards to which amenity would remain. Let's try this again: The oldest still-active airship amenity in a hookpoint will be the hookpoint that will be available.
Source : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…&postcount=139

Another official post :

[QUOTE]Reposting from the Airship Amenities Coupon thread for greater visibility: We have increased the amount of uses of the SHIP01 coupon to 15/account as a way to say thank you for your patience during our recent issues with guild airship amenities. This coupon will remain active through July 15th.

This means that if you had previously used all ten of the prior 10/account uses of this coupon, you now have an additional 5 uses. This coupon provides up to 1800 Turbine points in total cart value of airship amenities for free per use.[/

Source : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…&postcount=144

I think you should read the discussion from these quotes on. Because I've lost track on what's going on there right now. http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=383192&page=7

Edit : Finally found something that explains everything :

This was mentioned in the scheduled maintenance thread, but is worth repeating here:

We've fixed the issue that was causing airship amenities to "disappear" whenever the worlds were brought down. The amenities that will be connected to your hookpoints post-fix will be the oldest amenities that are still active.

The SHIP01 coupon remains active as well. Thanks, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this issue has caused in recent weeks.
Source : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…&postcount=300

That means they finally made it ??? Hooray, if this is true !

Summary regarding the buying of the guild sghip amenities : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…16&postcount=1

And finally : The release notes to Update 14 [MOTU] Patch 1 (everything before were Hotfixes) : http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Relea…tch_1_Official

Druid News
[edit] Veteran Status & Reincarnations

Starting Friday, July 13th, players can use all forms of Veteran Status and Reincarnation on the Druid class.
[edit] Limited Time Druid Special

The Druid is coming to the DDO Market on Friday, July 13th. To celebrate, we’ll be having a limited time sale: Enjoy 20% off Druid Pack for 13 hours on Friday, July 13th only! Sale starts at 11 am Eastern (-4 GMT).
[edit] Druid Free Trial

There will also be a free trial of the Druid class from July 13th – July 15th! For those who do not already own the Druid, head over to the Character Creator and create one during the free trial from July 13th-15th! After the trial ends, your character will be locked. If you decide to purchase the Druid Pack, your character will be unlocked and you can continue to enjoy the Druid character created! Remember that Druid is also free to VIPs!


The artificer's iron defender now gains epic levels.
The druid's animal companion now gains epic levels.


The Bebilith is growing smarter all the time. It's like some crazy intelligent demonic spider or something. Now it understands that people can hit it from far away.


Start Menu icons can each be dragged onto hotbars.
The main cursor is now easier to see.


The target and Campaign UI bits will now properly be hidden when you hide the UI for pretty screenshots! Have I mentioned Screenshot of the Week?


Corrected an issue that caused amenities to go invisible and be inaccessible.


Made significant optimizations to server memory allocations.
Removed all suggestions to take the "Combat Casting" feat from the chargen advice for all classes.
Quite a long list, and I haven't quoted everything !
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