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July 12th, 2012, 18:44
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
1. Kickstarter games are making money hand-over-tit (I'm not saying they're all successful, but there are now a couple dozen games already funded that had no hope through regular channels). One or two flops don't concern me at all. This is a whole new business model and I highly doubt it's going to go away soon.
I think major fail won't kill kickstarter but people will become more skeptical and as result amount of pledges will drop on mid/high level and as result of that nearly all devs will have to have playable demo or at least gameplay videos.
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
2. It has always been hard for small developers, and they've always had to be good at PR. Let's say it gets harder in future to get noticed on Kickstarter. So what? What's the alternative, not doing Kickstarter? If you choose not to go that route for funding, you're no worse off than you were a year ago.
Yes but I think that some of project that can find publisher willing to fund them rush to kickstarter and compete with projects that can't.Don't get me wrong I think kickstarter is great idea but I think there is still place for publisher funded indie games.
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