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July 12th, 2012, 20:29
From the news today: Somewhere in Bergen, a car was found parked on a lawn. The people originally seated in said car was found running away from it. High speed. Highly suspicious!!

But so, when at last the police came by, rickety-tickety-tin, it turned out to be not that dramatic, except for the people directly involved: A pair of parents and a small child of otherwise unspecified age, who just HAD TO GO TO THE LOO. NOW!

pibbur who failed miserably back then, when informing his two daughters about the basic physiology of the human bladder, that it fills gradually, and therefore it's not possible that you 10 minutes ago, before leaving the parking-lot-close-to-a-public-loo and despite repeated questions from your superiors, had no needs whatsoever concering the bladder, and now it's urgent. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!!!

To all you newborn parents (and soon to be parents): Keep those diapers on at least until the age of 5.

EDIT: pople, huh? *looks away from the person below*
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