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July 13th, 2012, 10:59
Kickstarter will be fantastic to see if the backed projects are held to different standards from published projects.

I wonder what people call a major flop for a Kickstarter project.

If the usual standards are applied, the only major flop the gaming communauty could point at, is a non released game.

I dont fear unreleased games when it comes to kickstarter funded games. They might happen with overambitious teams who actually progress well in the game developpment, miscalculate developpment time, keep adding more and more features and in the end end with non mergeable versions of games.

Other than that, kickstarter funded studios will release, just like most of the rest of the industry, late alpha/beta versions. Which cant be called a major flop as it is the common trend and very few players call every release a major flop.

On to supposedly included game features, gameplay, it is the same. The industry is now accustomed to promise features, gameplay that is not included in the commercial version, or even remove features compared to demos or release versions through patching sequences.

Once again, hard to see what a major flop could be relatively to promised game features, gameplay.

Will they be hold to different standards? Will monitor this as small studios could be hold to higher standards, gamers demanding more from them, while gamers being lax on major studios.

Could be helpful to see where the balance of power is, with players playing tyranical with small studios while being helpless with major studios.
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