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July 14th, 2012, 01:13
If I were a Bioware CEO and and CEO of EA, I would have canceled SW:TOR many many months or even years ago. The cost quickly rocketed to at least 300 US million dollars….

It is also surprising to me that John Riccitiello (JR, maybee?) have given Bioware free reigns in the SW:TOR development. One would think that EA might have been concerned with the spending or the budget etc. etc. But maybe JR thought that the SW: TOR fans would be many…….

As for the Bioware devs. on the DA forums at the BSN, they have always been fairly honest with us gamers, especially Lead Writer David Gaider who might have said some things that rub people the bad way but basically are true. Things like, "if you don't like the game then don't buy it" and "DA:O took 5 years to develop, while DA2 only took 18 months to develop."

Also, I do think that Bioware has suffered a lot from some of the old folks leaving no matter what the good doctors (Ray and Greg) say…..or what the other Bioware devs. say.

As for the future of the company, e.g. Bioware, I don't what will happen…..Time will tell…
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