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July 14th, 2012, 03:02
Right on!

I agree with him *in part* (and I've said as much in the past). Some level of balancing is absolutely necessary - you don't want to have one class clearly inferior to another one (especially in a multiplayer game), or for things to get so bad that it's a frustrating, un-fun level of imbalance.

But by his description, he's got that covered. A course level of balance and assumptions are given - getting rid of the really crazy peaks and valleys, as he says. But beyond that - it's really more fun to NOT be perfectly balanced. Exactly as he said. I think we've got a problem these days - particularly with multiplayer becoming such a critical part of every game ('cuz it helps fill out a really short single-player experience, I guess) - with things getting TOO balanced and feeling too even.
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