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July 14th, 2012, 09:09
GOG currently has Ubisoft titles (among them being simulation games) 50 % off this weekend.

Their newsletter mentions THe Settlers 2 … If you want to take a look at the "wusel" thing / the "wusel-factor", and what had made the The Settlers series so popular among Germans in the first place, then it would be a good way to look at it.

I don't know, howevr, if they are marketing the original Settlers game from the 90s (which many still believe is/was their best Settlers game) or th new remake from a few years ago - which looks modern, but has the same functionality.

Edit : It's the original Settlers 2 game. The "Gold" version (which includes all expansions & patches).

It could even be - if you are lucky - that this is the newly-compiled version of it they ran through an compiler to adapt on modern systems and that was exclusively available here only with the Collector's Edition of the remake of the Settlers 2 a few years ago, as far as I know.

From the screenshots presented there only the third presents actual gameplay - the others show diverse building and stats options, hence the yellow symbols on the ground (they indicate where something can be built upon.).

The "Heritage Of Kings" (aka Settlers V) Settlers game they resent there is much like Spellforce - and it plays like an RTS, not at all like a Settlers game. Personally, I don't like it at all nowadays, but it was popular then as well, because it was the very first Settlers game where they had thrown out everything cute and wusel and preseted real humans to he customers. Bu in fact, it plays like an RTS to me. And it has a horrible, horrible not at all into the setting/scenery fitting German "advisor" voice everyone had criticised, but which had never been taken out.

If you liked Spellforce, then you might prhaps like this as well. In fact, I had played bioth at the same time, then, and t one point I couldn't find any difference between both nymore (apart from the roleplaying part that's missing in the Settlrs game), at which point I quit both and have never played them again. They made the famous SEttlers game into RTS, which was somthing I could never forgive them, no matter how strongly they were claimed (and still do) that The Settlers were (meant to be) RTS from the beginning on.

To m, The Settlers was always about building and "wusel", never about RTS. And I do know at least some people who think of it in a similar way.

(Maybe the "wusel"-effect found in Tropico 1 had something to do with this game being popular in Germany, too.)

The Black Isle saga was a hugely popular turn-based strategy game in the early 90s, but I know next to nothing about it, only tht there was a turn-based shooter game with role-playing lements called Incubation" once, which was a spin-off of this series.
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