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July 14th, 2012, 12:49
Having a blast leveling through this aswell.
Story, writing, setting and general ambiance is all top notch and way beyond what i was expecting after Age of Conan but i dont see myself subscribing two reasons.
1st and formost is the fact that endgame is shaping up to be yet another hamsterwheel geargrind ala wow and all the rest.
The 2nd glaring issue is that inspite of having tons of skill combinations you only have 5 clickable buttons ensuring that combat will get boring and repetative regardelss of what you specc.
Dodging out of the giant white circles mobs put down really is not challenging and certainly not enough to make up for the lack of options in combat.
It is definetly worth the price of the game for the initial 30 days but unless grinding gear for its own sake is your thing i dont see it being worth a monthly fee.
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