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July 14th, 2012, 14:24
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I hear people complain about this, but never offer a solution. How would you do an 'end game' that doesn't involve repetition? (and that keeps customers paying $15/month)

Repetition is probably unavoidable but chasing virtual treasure more or less exclusively is something that gets old very fast, and im guessing after wow it is also something the majority of the mmo community is sick of.
There are other ways to keep people playing and you dont even have to re-invent the wheel as many have been done sucsessfully.
The easyest to impliment im guessing is a completly player run economy where the players themselves craft and sell everything and instances/dungeons are mostly done for the challenge of it and perhaps some hard to get recipe or material (wich should not be exclusive to that instance).
Guildwars 2 is doing something similar with only cosmetic item drops from dungeons and players crafting the best items. Their endgame is prettymuch the entire world being a ton of dynamic events and quests anyone can join regardless of level.
The best way to keep people playing tho i would think is to do what the upcomming Arche Age is attempting to do by simply giving the players a gigantic sandbox with lots and lots of toys and just let them do whatever they want since any story driven content will be consumed many times faster then it can be produced.
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