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July 14th, 2012, 18:35
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
The game mechanics behind menial tasks have to be boring, providing contrast for the exceptional tasks to be performed in the game.
The contrast has to come from within the game to turn Shepard into the exceptional character among exceptional characters.
All right. Let me rephrase what I meant by "truncated". I don't want to play so much virtual wack-a-mole and I spent a good portion of the game watching a movie.

The nightmares about the child for example. Turning away and not following the child in the dream could have resulted in the 4th option being available for refusing the other original 3 endings. Do you rescue Kelly Chambers or do you rescue Asari Commando base to help in the war effort?

There wasn't enough gray. It was either exceptional character being exceptional, helpless ( finding out second hand that Kelly Chambers was killed by Cerberus for example ) or bored ( "Ploink, Thunk, You saved 'Em! Yay!" ). With not enough of the first and too much of the latter two and almost nothing in between.

When the exceptional character got to be exceptional it was damn good but I think for a lot of people, including me, there wasn't enough of the former to carry them through the later. Ultimately, in hindsight, and regardless of the story ME3 told, it still had to be a game first.
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