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July 14th, 2012, 20:02
Combat is pretty different than how you described it. You can really rotate a lot. I have builds for AoE, Solo Bosses, general adventure, ranged, self-heal, etc. I am always switching things around with the gear manager as needed. I have also had a chance to do some of the bosses and there are more things to watch out for than a white circle at your feet.

Pretty much anything can be over simplified to sound remarkably easy and simple. I found combat pretty boring at first but as I start to advance and dig deeper into it I am having a lot of fun making builds that have a lot of synergy and also provide different things to do.

I have played a lot of MMO's where you could have rows and rows of abilities … but in the end I still only used a basic set … so I don't see any difference in button mashing in TSW from other MMO's.

As for long term interest … thats an issue for an MMO not just TSW. Different games try different things. GW2 is going to grind cosmetic outfits for endgame. I am not keen on the gear influence myself … but then I don't raid either.

Lately it seems like MMO's just die faster but that could just be me. I like the phrase content locusts. People just burn through things so fast. I have no idea what a company could possibly provide for end-game content these days that would help hold people on. Funcom did post a state of the game and some of their plans. Whether any of it works remains to be seem. But I would hardly single out TSW for end-game issues since thats pretty much a global issue with any MMO. I do see TSW having an issue with the puzzle aspect. While that is a major plus right now … later on it won't be. But all that means is playing a second time around will be closer to any MMO on the market - quest, combat, and repetition is still there. The puzzles, cinematics, and story just make the first time around more enjoyable.

A lot really comes down to community, fun factor, content release, and peoples general reaction.
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