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July 14th, 2012, 22:20
Originally Posted by kasp View Post
Risen 2 was dumbed down for consoles, PB even admitted it, because of what happened with the first Risen.

And last time I checked the thread was about Risen 2.
News to me. Would you happen to have a link to where PB admitted anything like that?
The only reason I know of why the first Risen sucked ass on the 360 had absolutely nothing to do with the game not being "dumbed" down enough (I'm sure it was dumb enough even for a Wii already ) but it had everything to do with the game being a piss poor port of the PC version. That was the main issue of every console review. The game had major bugs and technical/performance issues on the console.
What PB admitted in that context is that the studio that did the port (Wizarbox) did not get enough support from them and that they wanted to do a better job of providing support and assistance with regard to the Risen 2 port.
It seems like they kept that promise since the console delay is an indication that they wanted to give Wizarbox more time to do a proper port this time and after having finished the PC version, there are free capacities at PB right now to give Wizarbox a helping hand whenever needed.
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