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July 15th, 2012, 17:28
One look at the image of the fighter they were using was enough suggest that I'd find the game more annoying and more of a deviation from the originals than anything similar, and nothing I've seen since has dissuaded me from that. Only two classes, and most of all words being thrown around like "re-imagining" and "reboot" tell me more than enough about this game, even if I wasn't already all too aware of where Bioware's priorities lie these days.

Not to mention the whole "free to play" model, which always includes a helluva lot more fine print than you'd expect (or would ever possibly want) when you play a game.

Given all of that, am thinking I'll simply pass. Even if the game itself turns out to be good, it's going to have way too much baggage associated with it for me to really enjoy it on its own merits.

I just find it a bit ironic that it's Bioware and EA -- two companies that I now view as being on the stagnant, scummy side of the pond when it comes to both games and business practices -- who are behind a game that's (ostensibly) about the Virtues.
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