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July 16th, 2012, 00:10

I've added a bunch of new feats. The grand total is 37 now, which should be enough for the demo. I tried to cover all the major areas (ranged combat, melee combat, stealth, psi, even some crafting stuff) as well as add enough general feats.

This about concludes the phase one of the demo preparations. The only things left to do are add two new creature types, but that'll have to wait for a few days (models are not quite ready yet).

Now I'm moving into phase two which involves:
  • adding some more areas
  • improving existing areas (adding more details, more scripting where required, etc)
  • updating old quests to work with the reworked (simplified) quest tracking system
  • adding more quests
  • adding more NPCs and dialog in general
  • restocking merchants with the new goods
  • making the starting areas and quests more cohesive
  • probably doing a bunch of smaller stuff I can't remember now
This shouldn't take as long as phase one, though it probably will now that I said it.
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