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July 15th, 2012, 23:55
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Please try Numen and let us know if it is worth a damn. Really bad reviews but I tend to ignore reviews. Every once in a while I'm tempted to grab Loki or Silverfall as well…
I just finished playing through the prologue.

I don't think it's nearly as bad as some of the comments I've seen about it. The production values are average at best, but the atmosphere is decent, and I'm finding it entertaining enough for the price.

It's definitely more akin to Diablo or Titan Quest than something like Gothic. Although the camera and controls are more similar to the latter. You move with a WASD scheme, and you can zoom the camera into a third-person mode that feels like Two Words, etc. Combat boils down to simply clicking on an enemy and has sort of an MMO feel to it. You have a hot bar with a variety of skills that you can activate by clicking directly or via a hotkey.

From what I've seen so far, the game is completely open-world. The prologue takes place on a fairly small map during your youth, but the next area seems to be considerably larger. You choose your gender at the beginning, and then you choose what god you will follow at the end of the prologue. You also determine what your primary combat path (Warrior, Mage, or Hunter) will be by what type of style you use the most during that first area. That also determines what gods you can choose from.

The game is a loot-fest. Almost everything you kill will drop at least one item, and you'll be upgrading your character constantly.

The buildings and environments are well drawn, and the game gives off a Clash of the Titans type vibe. There are enough random NPCs doing various things to make the towns feel alive, but you can't speak to everyone, and dialogue in general is pretty simple.

Overall, it definitely has a "budget" feel to it, but I haven't played far enough to fully rate it. I'd say it's worth the $2.50 I paid for it though. You should check it out while it's still on sale.
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