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July 16th, 2012, 13:35
Ah, so it was a bigger misunderstanding on my side ?

I guess that I would have to o quests more often with them so that I can better keep their voices apart …

Yesterday I did another Catacombs run on elite - that was fun until we got to a spikes trap (the quest where you'vwe got to run away from the Wraith) where nearly everyone died. At one point there was only 1 or 2 group members left - and they still insisted that one could avoid that trap ! LOL !

I did, however, after I had died there I astonishingly succeeded in speeding through the trap - being very close to the wall. Tht seems to be a good and viable yet dangerous method … The rest of the querst was very smooth apart from the fighter and the driud (the leader) running around so fast that I (as a Cleric) couldn't focus and this couldn't heal them. It was difficult.

As the reward I took the neverending small staff/wand of healing … I think I'll play it through with my Artificer again to get the runearm from there, too.
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