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July 17th, 2012, 04:52
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
Stop making shit games, and players will pay for them.

Nobody wants to play micro-transaction based F2P MMOs. People want real games. We're sick of this garbage. Pretending the onus is on players to support you when you're making stuff nobody wants is offensive.
Yeah that's constructive… But I should have foreseen this kind of reply Ooh well… It's like when people complain that there are too many cliche medieval fantasy setting in books or in game, it works that's why writers/filmmakers/game designers are doing it. It's not the players' fault for liking that kind of setting or for being more into the f2p business model, it's the way things are.

As for doing online game, I do believe it is a decent way to make a first game for small and young studio… So no I don't think that going the f2p mmorpg route can only mean it will be a shitty game.

And tell me, why does some of those shitty games became commercial successes if no one want to play them ? By the way, I am fully aware that being a commercially sucessful game is not equal to being a quality game.

But it's allright, I did not want to offend anyone just wanted to offer my point of view…
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