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July 17th, 2012, 06:41
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
Just because you're personally invested in F2P game design doesn't mean that my opinion that F2P games are all worthless shit is not valid criticism. I'll make it more constructive, if you insist: Don't make F2P games. Don't nickel and dime players. Don't make an MMO, at all, actually. Do you not see how many MMO's are out there and how they're all pretty much failures other than WoW? MMO's are a void of creativity full of cookie cutter sameness. Why would you want to compete in that world anyhow?

Let's look at Grimrock for an example of an indie RPG success. That's an independent studio's first game, made by a few people who wanted to make a game in an under-represented genre they loved. End result? Massive success. Replicate that success.
I think I see your point. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to think that the "medium" of f2p mmo is shit no matter what. I respectfully disagree. I'm saying there is a logic in buying a cat before trying to raise a tiger and you are saying buy a dog instead, cats are shit. You have every right to say that, but it still has nothing to do with me wanting a cat.

And just for your information, I know you don't care, we are not making a wow clone or anything like that. If anything, we are closer to the settlers and the west… But at the same time, not really…

Edit: yeah I am well aware that we drifted away from the subject of Ultima. And yeah I think it sucks that they choose to do that instead of an Ultima VII +++
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