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July 17th, 2012, 07:52
Originally Posted by A Stormy Night View Post
I don't post very often here, mainly because english is not my first language, but I have to add my two cents on the free to play business model.

I work on small mmorpg right now and when we made some research on how to make players pay, you know, we have to get money to pay our bills, we realised that other business models did not work as well. Yeah we could charge an amount, let's say 4,99 $ monthly, but a lot of players will be afraid to commit even one month. Yeah, micro payment sucks, but it is still better then no money at all. So yeah, if companies opted to go that way, imho, it's because players stopped to commit to monthly registration.
Hey Stormy, good luck with your game. I hope it's a success and your team makes a great game.

And for me you hit my number 2 reason why I don't play MMOs. I just hate the idea of paying for the same game each month. I know not all players are like that (World of Warcraft). but for me it just galls me to pay for my game more than once.

So me personally I am not an MMO guy. I am mostly a single player RPG guy.

but I will say this about the micro trans game world. There was this MMO cartoon golf game a few years back that I was intensely addicted to. It was free to play but if you wanted some fancy clothes to sport on the range you had to pay for the clothing upgrade. At first it was silly and I just played played played . . for free. But as I got better, I wanted to stand out from the crowd and to my surprise I started buying the hats and the shoes and the pants and the what nots. It wasn't anywhere close to even remotely expensive but I did pay. If the developer does it right, people will pay if the game is good and the items are reasonably priced. Good luck with that.

OTH, I think it is the idea of a micro trans ULTIMA that has even the most generous of spirit a little concerned.

BTW, my number one reason for not doing MMOs is I game when I want to game instead of dealing with everybody playing schedule.
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