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July 17th, 2012, 09:08
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post

BTW, my number one reason for not doing MMOs is I game when I want to game instead of dealing with everybody playing schedule.
Thanks for your support, I just wanted to answer to that specific point. What we are trying to do, and yes maybe it answers some of Couchpotato's points, is to give every users the possibility to play the way they want (yeah you've heard it before and you will keep hearing it, sorry for the cliche). If you want to be a lonewolf warrior, weaponsmith or an alchemist, you can, of course there is thing you won't be able to fully experience like being a soldier in an army, but you will still be able to do your things without having to play with others. Yeah the game is collective but there is place for loners in our game world. In example, our storied quests are essentially solitary, a bit like King Arthur's mini quests.

Anyway, I should stop talking about our game, I just wanted to say there is a reason some game studios choose a business model and not another one and this does not mean that it will be a poor game. Diversity is what make the world great after all.
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