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July 17th, 2012, 13:32
Yes, but most of us could't jump that wall at level 4-5. No-one could.
And all first-lifers.

@Dm : I have read about a scientific study today which says that women (at least those in Europe ?) have finally urpassed men in regard to IQ … I find this frightening …

@Corwin : Yes, I do remember my Cleric being presented with that runearm as the end reward … - But when I did the chain with Cm (?), my Arti didn't get it …

By the way, regarding rewards : I finished the Crafting Hall Tutorial/uest yesterday with my Cleric. Lo and behold, he was presented with end rewards ! - My Arti got "only" 500 Experience points a few weeks or days ? ago (pre-Patch 1) in the same quest, but my Cleric got rewards yesterday !

He was presented with

- crafting xp boost potion
- crafting success thingy (looks like a hammer)
- a Pendant Of Time limited to/with 20 uses

All bound to character, if I remember correctly.

I took the last one. Because I plan to work out my Arti as the "group crafter" for my alts, which means that he will specialize in unbound shards. ut it is till a bit too early for that right now.

In the last days & weeks I got more wooden shields than before … I think I'll place a few of them into the guild chest for our Druids.
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