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July 17th, 2012, 18:34
The way you customize your characters is by using implants and boosters. Implants increase one of your attributes and boosters add, well, a "boost" to one of your 2 special abilities (anything from improving the ability to more damage to an attribute buff). So you stick defense and strength implants mostly on your tank character(s) and intelligence and focus buffs on your ranged characters. Implants and boosters can be replaced but not removed or transferred.

The number of implants and booster you are able to use for each character is based on their level. High level == more.

The leveling things is pretty stupid. You quickly hit the level caps (which are at levels 5, 10, and apparently 15) and then you have to pay some HUUUUGE amount of cash (5000 at level 5 and 20000 at level 10) for EACH character in order to be able to advance any further. You level really quickly so you will spend much of the game just collecting cash in order to be able to level further.

Recruits only advance when they are with you so later in the game if one of your characters dies you get to start over at level 0. At least some of the recruits already are able to advance to level 10 instead of only 5.

And none of this is explained anywhere. You just get to fumble around trying stuff or hoping there is a post on some web page somewhere that explains it.
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