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July 18th, 2012, 10:14
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
Kickstarter is a different way to get funding but I guarantee that if any of these projects don't have people who know something about business they are going to run into trouble. I took some classes about business at where I work and it was quite eye opening. I still despise "suits" who only know the business stuff (i.e., "empty suits") but I now understand better what it is that they do.
I wouldn't equate it to "business" knowledge - but a fundamental knowledge of managment.

Definitely, you can't go by artistic integrity alone - but you'd have to be blind not to recognise how the business dominance has tainted the industry to a point where art is something you have to use a microscope to find.

If you think I have anything against businessmen, you're dead wrong. They're just human beings doing a job. Naturally, some are greedy pieces of shit - but that's true for all human beings.

But the business isn't good for the art when it takes precedence. It has been absolutely necessary because of the publishing system - and we've seen many examples of the business side enabling games that would never have worked otherwise. Skyrim being an excellent recent example.

But it has become so very rare - and even a game like Skyrim is tainted in a thousand ways because of it.

So, I just think it would be a fantastic thing to behold a game with respectable production values - focusing 100% on the art itself.




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