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July 18th, 2012, 23:02
Well, I admit that there are items for jumping and that I usually put a few points into jumping, too.

Different topic : Now that was not fun !

It's been one of the really rare PUGs where it just wasn't fun. We started as 3 people, one suddenly claimed he or she "was stuck" and "couldn't move", and then got booted.

And it was Redwillow's Ruins.

Then we were two. He with 2 hirelings.

I don't know of he was just too young, a Newbie, a Noob or simply incompetent … His way of working through the quest was kind of erratic, and he perhaps didn't do the quest before … But then he showed a few sparks of fighting tactics I haven't seen in this quest myself (and I PUGged it I think 2-3 times already).

Worst was that seemingly the booted player got an item we needed and thus couldn't deliver - so we had to restart everything again.

Deaths ! We had 5 deaths both, with my releasing 2 times and fetching and carrying the soul stones to the nearest shrine and battling Trolls, too. In the end i bought myself a hireling because I was just fed up with it. Worked better, but didn't prevent me from another troll-inflicted death. What wondered me was that he still was so patient to wait for me battling the trolls and carrying his soul stone and that of his hirelings to the nearest shrine.

And - he didn't command his Cleric hireling to rest to get his magic back. Nope. Nothing.

In the end we barely made it (with me getting blinded by the end boss), and then he seeimingly went out, because I couldn't see him anymore, and last i saw of him was the message that his character had died. Seconds later he left the group.

The better for me ! Because then i could get all the remaining treasure ! 2-3 chests still weren't unopened … Simply because we had rather concentrated on bringing the items back to Mr. Redwillow himself …

But it wasn't fun. The reward calmed down my sourness a bit, but it wasn't fun. I'll be more careful in the future, especially since he did use a weird language.
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