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July 19th, 2012, 03:14
Lower level quests are better done within the guild. Soon we will TR again and have several low level toons you can play with.

The most important factor of all quests is knowing what to expect. We know most quests from earlier run throughs so we should be able to do well. If I remember correctly we have done almost all quests from level 1 to 16 on elite with out current TR's. We have succeeded all of them even though we have the occasional death in our group.

Most low level quests can be run with 3 PC's and 3 hirelings on elite. It's the trap heavy quests you need a rogue / artificer to succeed.

So if you have problems with your PUG's it's probably because people don't know what to expect. There are quite a lot of good low level PUG players and if you see quests forming on elite you can expect the TR's to go there to keep the bravery bonus up.
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