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July 19th, 2012, 15:51
Well, I must admit that of my roughly 20 PUGs I did so far, only 2 were really bad (like this one) and ca. 5 or so were so-and-so.

Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
There are quite a lot of good low level PUG players and if you see quests forming on elite you can expect the TR's to go there to keep the bravery bonus up.
Yes. And the best way to learn who they are is to PUG and THEN add them to your friends list !

I have several of the "best PUGgers" on my friends list, and if I see them doing a quest, I can be sure that they'll know what they are doing - and that they are friendly, too (not always polite, but friendly counts as well). With this knowledge I can almost instantly (prepared, of course !) join into their groups, if they do any. Or ask them via in-game chat if they are doing a quest and ask if they want me join.

And of course, always add what class you are and what level you are. Always helpful is to add if you have voice chat as well (or if you don't have voice chat), how good you know the quest, and if you did it with alts. That tells them that you are not a total Newbie to that quest. And always politely inform them if you are rebuffing and/or doing repairs/selling stuff. Friendlyness really makes life easier !

A different topic : I think there is a big surprise awaiting us in the DDO Store ! The "cosmetic pet" entries there have some very interesting tell-tale entries !

I corrected the in-game guild message rtegarding the free item of the week, by the way. The right code fopr the Lesser Slayer Count Boost x1 is : LSCB12 .

Tomorrow there'll be new items.
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