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July 19th, 2012, 23:49
Well, so now my Artificer turned 6. He still needs 1 point, then he can get the Prestige Enhancement.

What I noticed, by the way, is, that some classes have an easier way to it than others. The Artificer, as far as I have understood it, needs only Enhancements for that.
Other classes require Feats for that. Which of course "costs more", so to say, because one must be very careful with what to chose there.

And this is one of the many elements of (A)D&D I never quite understood : Why are there so many Feats available when only a tiny fraction of them can ever be used within a Character's lifetime ? I'm not even asking for a Jack-Of-All-Trades, but at least a few more should imho be possible. I never understood this restriction to a select few Feats.

Enhancements, yes, that's much better like i envisioned a Character's progress. There are many more, they build on top on one another (requirements) and they are - to me - much more logical.

They often look to me as if they had been an more recent addition, and the Feats were more ancient in the rules set. The Feats often lack a distinct logic, especially considering how few a Character is really allowed to have throughout one's life. And especially regarding the fact that a *lot* of Enhancements look to me like Feats in disguise (so to say).

Regarding the surprise I hinted at in my earlier post :
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