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July 20th, 2012, 03:47
Thanks Count!

Rolemaster - I've got a bunch of those rules. I only got to play it a bit but it was quite fun. Combat was definitely something to avoid in that one. One lucky swing from a sloth could take off even the mightiest warrior's head! (Though it's also not hard to simply ignore the nastier crits for player characters.)

BioOne sounds rather on the deadly side, too. I'm afraid if they make the combat system too realistic it also becomes too deadly and is no longer fun. Getting killed by a ricochet that wasn't even aimed at you may be realistic but it isn't so fun. When you've invested a lot of time and heart in a character, you don't want him/her/it killed off by dumb luck.

Hmm, or maybe not. As Fnord said, it was pretty good to have in JA. If you've got several characters, a more realistic combat system might work a lot better. XCom might do that sort of thing, too. But with lots of characters you can't get as emotionally attached. Hmmmm…. Paranioa's instant clone system, perhaps?

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