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July 20th, 2012, 20:22
I've been playing through the original Deus Ex, which I haven't really played yet. I did try it a few years ago, but never got into it. Some time ago I finished Human Revolution which I loved. Aside from a few issues, it was great.

But now I can't seem to maintain interest in the original. On the plus side, it's got good level design and there's plenty to explore and stuff to pick up. On the minus it has awful AI and this often leads me to feel like I'm exploiting the game. Enemy sight range seems to be limited as hell that I can prance in front of them at some distance without them noticing.

Other than the AI it's decent I'd say and very similar to HR as far as I can tell. And I'm sure that if I were to have played this back in 2001 I would have liked it a lot. But now it just feels like a worse version of HR. Especially when it comes to story and dialog. I'm not sure if the game picks up later on and gets more story heavy, but it feels very skimpy. HR felt a lot more involved.

I know a lot of people played the game back in the day, and loved it, and I'll probably take some flack for saying this, but that's how I feel. I feel HR pretty much kept the gameplay from the original, but updated and improved everything else (story,voice-over,graphics,audio) and streamlined some gameplay.

I also have random black-screen issues with the game, and have to close it and start it up again to fix it. I've got the New Vision mods running with the DirectX 10 renderer and some other fixes.

Maybe I should have just played it back in the day. I feel bad because I constantly hear about how great a game it is. Btw, I'm only on the roof-tops mission, killing doberman dogs and trying to get at the Ambrosia canister, so I'm not that deep into the game. So if it picks up a lot please let me know.
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