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July 22nd, 2012, 03:51
I wanted to do an exception and mention that right now we are playing a lot of pen and paper roleplaying games and I am the Game Master of two campaigns.

The first one is our Star Wars game, set in the Dark Era between the two trilogies. The campaign is called the Dawn of the Defiance in which the players are a group of political fugitives that introduces the very idea that the almighty empire can be challenged, something which is seen as impossible. Their spark initiate the defiance that lay ground for the later rebellion. The campaign uses the SAGA Edition system, which is a much improved version of d20 that was used in the Knights of the Old Republic games.

The second is a cyberpunk adventure in 2091. The players worked with security on Corsica when the company they worked for bankrupted. In search for something new they go to Paris where they haven't found a job. Their friend did, but one evening after dinner he gets shot down by unknown bikers and end up in coma. What follows is a detective story where company espionage plays a central role. The system we use is New World of Darkness that works amazingly well. We use the same setting in my friends campaign set in the ruins of a post-world war 3 Poland.
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