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July 22nd, 2012, 16:16
I'm loving it, but I'm not sure about the longevity. I mean, combat seems repetitive. You have 5 weapon skills and 1-5 other skills. I know in other games you usually just use a bunch of skills too, but …
- In other MMOs you get to upgrade them. You level up, you get a little excited when going back to the trainer to get your Fireball 2 and Ice Shield 3. Not the same here, you just learn your combat skills very early on (probably the first day you play) and your general skills (which you only can use 1-5 depending on level, and chances are you'll be using the same ones for a long time)
- You get to choose them all. You cherry pick the 10-20 abilities you want to use. Here if you want the Fire arrow, that means you have to use the 5 abilities that shortbows bring, so you only really get to choose the weapon to wield and the 1-5 general skills

The social aspect is interesting. You don't make enemies (nobody can 'kill-steal' or 'ninja loot' or 'ninja gather your resources'), everybody is your friend here, but then, you don't party with people. As events happen, you fight with others, revive them if they're down, until the mob(s) die. I don't remember the name of anyone I've fought with as I never see their names anywhere.

But hey, it's a pay-once game so to me it's a sure-buy (well, already pre-bought it, but still). I also like that each race has a different (long) starting zone and each race has a different storyline.
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