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July 23rd, 2012, 04:22
South Gate Station

I finished laying out all the areas in the home station (South Gate Station) as far as the demo is concerned. The parts that are not done will be locked off. I've also done some supporting dialog and updated all the merchants (and added new ones).

Now, just keep in mind that for most of these areas this is not their final state and I intend to improve them after the demo. The cantina and the medical sector in particular suffer from the lack of appropriate furniture assets, but they will have to do with what I have just now. I wouldn't want to delay the demo further by drawing those assets now.

This means that the bulk of work in the phase two is done. I still need to do a few things around the home base, such as update some dialogs and scripting, before I move to the cave areas.

Caves shouldn't take this long to update, as they are mostly all layed out and just need some more details added, loot tables updated, encounters balanced out (I haven't played some of those areas since I've switched to turn-based), etc. I'll likely add a few more smaller cave areas around the existing ones, but those are really easy to make.

And there are also those two new creature types I mentioned earlier (you can see one of them on that last screenshot).
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